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100% pure henna stains skin in some colour between orange, red, burgundy, brown or coffee.

Henna tattoos can be a great alternative for those that are considering getting a tattoo but are nervous about how they will look, or how long they will be on their skin. Henna tattoos look very much like actual tattoos but they generally only last about three weeks. They are also good alternatives for those that don’t mind having something always inked onto their skin but they want to change the drawing often. Authentic henna tattoos are generally considered to be very safe, with allergies being the only possible side effect but even these are rare and mild.

However, a different kind of henna called black henna tattoos can be very dangerous and pose serious health risks. This is because it uses the same chemical called Para-phenylenediamine (PPD), which is used to dye hair black. This chemical is very dangerous and can cause allergic reactions,as mild as authentic henna or as powerful and dangerous as anaphylactic shock, which results in the same reaction some people experience when they are stung by a bee. One who has gotten a black henna tattoo in the past and had no reaction but it may take awhile to become sensitive to the ink so one may not experience any problems until they get two or three tattoos. Once a person has become sensitive to the ink and has an allergic reaction, the allergy does not go away. This means that the same person may then continue to experience the allergic reaction anytime they are exposed to black makeup, black clothing, and even some sunscreens, among many other things.

One cannot tell that they are having a reaction to the ink right away and it can take up to ten days to notice that something is wrong, Symptoms can vary from slight itching to open sores that continue to bleed, and even death. Black henna tattoos have been known to cause permanent scarring damage as well. You can tell the difference between black henna tattoos and authentic henna tattoos because real henna has a reddish tone to it whereas black henna is just that, entirely black.




100% natural and pure Henna only stains a red-orange to deep burgundy color and is completely safe to use. Any company, artist or manufacturer that claims they create the wide range of henna colors with 100% henna, using roots, bark, or other parts of the henna plant to achieve their colors is lying or seriously ignorant. The dye molecule in henna only resides in its leaves and to achieve any other color Chemicals, metallic salts or other plants must be added to henna. While these companies promise to provide rainbow of colors, it should be noted that they are still a waste of money and time. Of these misconceptions the most dangerous and widely sought after is Black henna.

Black Henna is extremely dangerous as it contains a chemical known as paraphenylenediamine, or PPD for short and is an extremely toxic substance. PPD seems to cause allergic reactions in most people ranging from minor effects as red sores, rashes and/or welts on or around the affected area, to severe reactions such as edema, irritation of the eyes and face, collapse, renal failure, respiratory problems such as asthma and finally permanent deep scaring. The problem is that most people don’t know if they are allergic to it until they have already received lasting damage from a reaction.

 Henna art is meant to be what it is – a beautiful, natural, temporary stain. If you want a henna tattoo, appreciate it for its gorgeous earthy colors and if you want a tattoo that looks real – get a real one!!

 How To tell the difference

Asking the artist can be a good start, however those use black henna are likely to either lie to you or may not be aware of the dangers themselves. Below are a few tips to keep yourself safe:

1)Take a look at the paste, it should be a greenish to dark brown color. If they are using powder then take a look at the powder, it varies from bright green to dull yellow green.

2) If the artist reassures you that it can be washed off within an hour, STAY CLEAR!!! With natural henna, the longer you leave it on the richer the stain becomes. Most artists recommend a minimum of 4 hours depending on the location of the application.


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