BlogBeware, Button Batteries Can Kill – Seek Advice and First Aid Training…NOW!

Beware, Button Batteries Can Kill – Seek Advice and First Aid Training…NOW!

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Small lithium batteries are found in items such as toys, keys, smartphones and many other electrical devices.

You must be extra careful when replacing, working with or storing button lithium batteries. Please do not leave them lying around or mislay them.

Small children could swallow these tiny sweets looking tablets or they could become trapped in ears or a nose cavity. Something so small can be so deadly; it will burn destroying vital organs and poisoning the human body. They can even kill if they become trapped in the body, in contact with body tissue.

“Damage can occur if the button battery is not removed in less than two hours, and is more likely to cause severe injury if it is not removed within 8-12 hours.” (Dr, Kate Perkins, Consultant in Paediatric Intensive Care, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital)

Two small children from Manchester were killed by the ingestion of these small button lithium batteries in 2014.

Many cases around the world have demonstrated the serious long-term implications swallowing a button battery can have, when not fatal.

A recent case in New Zealand has left a baby boy with no voice due to permanent damage to his vocal cords, read more in the article below:

Tiny battery burns Tauranga baby's throat - Life & Style - NZ Herald News

Devon Hacche's mother may never hear her son speak or see him breathe unassisted after the 8-month-old from Tauranga swallowed a button battery, severely burning the inside of his - New Zealand Herald

This is what you should do if your child or anyone swallows a button battery or gets one stuck in their nose or ears:

1. Get Help Immediately

Go to your local (A & E) emergency department.

If possible, bring the battery package or a matching battery.

In most cases, you will be advised to get an X-ray immediately.

2. Keep the Person Safe

Do not induce vomiting.

Do not let the person eat or drink until an X-ray has been done.

3. Follow Up

The next steps depend on the X-ray results.” (WebMD, October 2013)


Please note that you must seek urgent medical treatment for the patient, if these symptoms occur…fever, abdominal pain, vomiting, or blood in the stools. Removal of these foreign objects from the human body, as soon as possible, is crucial to recovery.

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