BlogBeing prepared for winter weather

Being prepared for winter weather

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It's cold! Have a check on your First Aid Kit in your vehicle this month and make sure it’s up to date!

In 2005 and 2014 hundreds of people broke down in the snowstorms and forcing them to abandon their vehicles and find shelter. Some people failing to be prepared had to wait in their vehicles until emergency services arrived. This would have been a lot easier if they would have had the weather appropriate items in their first aid box in case of emergency.

The New Standard Vehicle first aid kits BS-8599-2 were introduced February 2014 and are based on the number of passengers. This is a first time that basic safety needs of road traffic accident victims have been addressed and that the kits have been recommended for every road vehicle. The Department of Transport reported 185,540 road casualties in Britain in the year ending June 2013. The number of people killed or seriously injured was 23,530. There are three sizes of standard First Aid kits on offer which will cover vehicle from motor bikes, private cars, taxis, mini buses, commercial vehicles, buses and coaches.  

Number of Passengers

Vehicle Examples

Number and size of first aid kits required

1 - 3

Mopeds, motorcycles, motor tricycles and quadricycles

1 x Small

1 - 8

Cars, vans, taxis and commercial vehicles

1 x Medium

1 – 16

Minibuses, small buses

1 x Large


Buses, coaches

2 x Large


BS -8599-2 Standard First Aid Kit




Guidance Leaflet

1 1 1

Washproof Assorted Plasters

5 10 20

Trauma Dressing Large 15x18cm

0 0 1

Trauma Dressing Medium 10x18cm

1 1 2

Single use Triangular Bandages 90cm x127cm

0 1 2

Medium HSE Dressing 12cm x12cm Sterile Unboxed

0 1 2

Individually Wrapped Cleansing Wipes

5 10 20

Disposable Nitrile Gloves (pairs)

1 2 5

Resuscitation Device with valve

1 1 2

Burn Relief Dressing 10cm x 10cm

1 2 4

Foil Blanket Adult Size

0 1 3

Adherent Dressings 10x10cm

0 1 2

Universal Shears Small 6”

1 1 1

Independent Medical Solutions recommends these small additions to your first aid box for anyone concerned about the risks that extreme winter weather brings.

Blizzard Baby Wrap

Babies are at higher risk from extreme weather conditions, parents should be prepared in case of emergency. This item is a high performing insulating pouch to keep your babies core temperature above dangerous levels, it's water proof and protects from the wind. This item was developed in conjunction with London ambulance service.




Blizzard Beanie Hat

The head loses a large amount of the bodies heat as heat rises as it escapes into the colder environment. Therefore it is very important to insulate your head in extremely cold situations as to retain that heat. This hat when placed flat is almost paper thin and can easily be stored inside of anyone's first aid box. This hat is very useful for the winter commuter cyclist when conditions are at their worst.




EMS Blanket

The EMS blanket was specifically created for emergency services, it's much better than the traditional foil blanket. This blanket prevents the loss of body heat and hugs the body to comfort the user whilst retaining the warm air. This item can easily folded into a first aid box, it's lightweight and re usable.





Blizzard Survival Jacket

Blizzard Survival Jacket is the ultimate lightweight winter protection. This heat insulating jacket also comes with a hood and sleeves to maximise the amount of body heat retained by reducing the bellowing effect. The survival jacket is wind and waterproof, one size fits all. It allows a full free range of mobility in case you need to travel long distances in the blistering cold.





Contact us for more information about First Aid boxes contents or any First Aid Courses you might require.

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